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Our volunteers are invaluable. Their efforts not only help provide access to justice, they change people's lives.

Carl R. Poirot, Esq.
Former SDVLP Executive Director

SDVLP relies upon volunteers like you.  Whether you are a law firm, lawyer, law student or paralegal, you have the ability to change a life.  Any amount of time you can give makes a difference.  Whether you volunteer at a weekly clinic or assist with a case whenever you're available, your efforts WILL impact people's lives.  Many lawyers say that volunteering is the most satisfying aspect of their careers.

SDVLP is dedicated to providing legal services to indigent San Diego County residents who otherwise are unable to afford or access assistance.  SDVLP screens all cases for merit and client financial eligibility.  Malpractice coverage, materials, forms, pleadings and training (as needed) are provided to volunteers.  Time commitments vary according to each case.  SDVLP will accommodate your schedule and your preferences.

Although SDVLP serves 6,500 underprivileged clients annually, this number represents only a fraction of the men, women and children who need legal help. The majority of people in need still go unassisted.  Every year, hundreds of attorneys and law students who volunteer through SDVLP give the generous gift of time, service, and expertise to thousands of San Diegans who would not otherwise have access to justice.

Whether you're an attorney or law school student/paralegal, check out our Volunteer Opportunities and FAQs for more information about how you can help.

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